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Click the links below to play the game along with us if you do not want want to play on the screen. Each link will take you to a specific PDF of the questions and answers. 

We have two versions of the quiz: 

For those that can hear the music on the screen, and one for those who are hearing impaired and still want to play with us!

We will release the answers the following week on this page the Wednesday morning after each trivia game so you can check your answers and see how you did! 

We hope you enjoy this weekly game with us!

Family Triva Quiz Sheet

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Answers from Last week!

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Check out our monthly calendar of events on twitch! You can watch here live or you can watch after our event on our Youtube channel and play/or watch on your own time! We hope you will join us for this fun month of events!

The Digital Drive In!

Are you missing that familiar feeling of going to see a Saturday night movie with friends or family? Do you have an Amazon Prime Account? Have you linked it yet to your Twitch Account? You should and here is why:
You’re about to get that Saturday Night Movie Theatre feeling back. Join Randy and Dan on September 26th at 7 pm as they take you to Hillbarn Theatre’s newest show “The Digital Drive-In!”
We’ll be hosting a “twitch watch party” (or as we’re calling it our “digital drive-in”) to stream Dreamworks “How to Train Your Dragon.” Join our inaugural show (only through Amazon Prime) and we’ll talk, laugh, cry, tell jokes, and tell someone to silence their phone- just like the olden days! 
Grab your snacks and your favourite drink: the movie is about to begin!


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