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The Lightning Thief

High School Performance

Book by Joe Tracz
Music & Lyrics by Rob Rokicki
Adapted from the book The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Welcome to the place where ancient Greek mythology is set to pop rock music and a hit book series of the same name! The Lightning Thief follows the adventures of Percy Jackson as he unearths a life changing secret! He is the son of Poseidon, God of the Sea! With this new found information, Percy journeys through perilous tasks to find out the truth of who stole Zeus’ lightning bolt. From minotaurs, to gorgons (like Medusa), to Greek Gods themselves, The Lightning Thief is an adventure you don’t want to miss!

Fri. July 28  – Sun. July 30

Cast & Production

Show Cast
PercyNicki Weppner
AnnabethRoxanne Bobo
GroverIzzy Wynne
LukeBrenna Au Miller
Mr. B/ChironNick Harb
Clarisse/AresGrace McCollum
Sally/EnsembleCamilla Uiterwijk
Mr. D/Janis Joplin/EnsembleSarah Zancanella
Silena/Ensemble (u/s Annabeth)Natalie Ewing
Katie/EnsembleTabi Oliver
Oracle/EnsembleJena Trouan
Charon/EnsembleZaina Sharaiha
Mrs. Dodds/EnsembleEllie Lib
Gabe/Kurt Cobain/EnsembleMiles Weisman
Beethoven/Poseidon/EnsembleZev Rodnitzky
Mozart/Hades/Ensemble (u/s Percy)Adam Bartov
Kronos/Train Conductor/EnsembleSeth Nocos
Squirrel/Medusa/EnsembleChloe de Leon
Newscaster/EnsembleJuliette Jacobsen
Farmer/EnsembleMadds Howard
Bianca/EnsembleAlex Allison
Thalia/EnsemblePeyton Sanchez
EnsembleAbigail McDevitt
EnsemblePetey Al Getany
EnsembleCamden Withrow
Ensemble (u/s Silena)Chloe Savage
EnsembleDevin Paniagua
EnsembleElisa Snajdr
EnsembleEsme Cerra
EnsembleMichelle Shay
Ensemble (u/s Luke)MJ Ke
Ensemble (u/s Grover)Noa Johnson
EnsemblePeter Davis
Creative team
DirectorAdrienne Kaori Walters
Music DirectorRick Reynolds
ChoreographerBen Bogen
Production AssistantBrynn Ayoob
Stage ManagerMolly Zwiebach
Costume DesignerVanessa Stringer
Sound DesignerSheraj Ragoobeer
Lighting DesignerRon Ho


ABIGAIL MCDEVITT Ensemble is a sophomore at Notre Dame Belmont. She has been in other middle school and high school productions, but this is her first Hillbarn show. She had a lot of fun during this production of this show and hopes she can continue theatre.

ADAM BARTOV Mozart/Hades/Ensemble (u/s Percy) is an incoming sophomore at Crystal Springs. This is his 9th show at Hillbarn and has recently played Eugene at school. He is so grateful for his amazing directors and crew. He loved performing with this cast and would like to thank his friends and family for supporting him.

ALEX ALLISON Bianca/Ensemble is a junior at San Mateo High School. She’s been in nothing serious and she did dance for 3 days. She’s read through the books her whole life, and is so excited to be a part of bringing it to life.

BRENNA AU MILLER Luke is a rising junior at The Nueva School. Previous experience includes Carrie at Hillbarn, shows at Nueva, and many others. The Lightning Thief is one of Brenna’s favorite musicals, and she is excited to be here!

CAMDEN WITHROW Ensemble is a rising 9th year, and will be attending Bowman High School. She has performed in Cinderella, Matilda, and Grease. She also enjoys calligraphy and basketball.

CAMILLA UITERWIJK Sally/Ensemble is entering her junior year at Sequoia High School. This is her first show at Hillbarn, but she has done 13 shows at Sequoia and SCCT. She’s so excited to be in her first production with Hillbarn.

CHLOE DE LEON Squirrel/Medusa/Ensemble is a rising junior at Woodside High School. This past year, Chloe was in Carrie the Musical, Cinderella: Enchanted Edition, and Head Over Heels. Chloe is ecstatic squeak the night away. She wants to thank the wonderful company of The Lightning Thief.

CHLOE SAVAGE Ensemble (u/s Silena) is an incoming freshman at Woodside High School! Chloe is thrilled to be doing Percy Jackson here at Hillbarn following Head Over Heels, Xanadu, and Shrek the Musical! She loves doing theater and art and cannot wait to put on this production with this amazing cast!

DEVIN PANIAGUA Ensemble is going into her sophomore year at Mid-Peninsula High School. She’s been in about 4 shows, 3 musicals, and 1 play. Devin wants to say thank you to her family.

ELISA SNAJDR Ensemble is an incoming 8th grader at Bowditch Middle School and is so excited to be in her fifth conservatory production. Past roles include Cruella in 101 Dalmatians, Stepsister in Cinderella, and Head Over Heels. She has also been Irish dancing for nine years. Thanks to this incredibly talented cast and crew!

ELLIE LIB Mrs. Dodds/Ensemble is entering her sophomore year at San Mateo High School. She has been dancing since she was four years old and has recently been in San Mateo High School’s production of Something Rotten. She wants to thank her family for their unconditional love and support and hopes you enjoy the show.

ESME CERRA Ensemble is going into 9th grade at Design Tech High School. She has been in Willy Wonka (Narrator), Seussical (Jojo), and Honk (Cat). She has six years of taekwondo under her belt.

GRACE MCCOLLUM Clarisse/Ares is an incoming freshman at Hillsdale High School. You may recognize Grace as Miss Hannigan in Annie or Wednesday in The Addams Family at Abbott Middle School. In her free time, Grace enjoys reading and playing volleyball. She would like to thank her voice teacher, Danny Navarrete, for coaching her.

IZZY WYNNE Grover is a rising freshman at Loyola Marymount University and majoring in Theatre Arts. Most recently, she’s played Pamela (Head Over Heels) and Stepmother (Cinderella), which earned her a Rita Moreno award nomination. She thanks Hillbarn for all of their support, guidance, and love.

JENA TROUAN Oracle/Ensemble is an incoming freshman at San Mateo High School. She has been in Cinderella and The Addams Family with years of dance and gymnastics experience. Jena enjoys fashion, psychology, and meeting up with her friends. She would like to thank her family and friends for always supporting her interests!

JULIETTE JACOBSEN Newscaster/Ensemble is a rising junior at Sequoia High School. This is Juliette’s first musical at Hillbarn and third musical of all time. She enjoys spending time with her friends and her cat.

MADELINE HOWARD Farmer/Ensemble is going into her sophomore year at Carlmont High School. She has been doing musical theatre since she was 6, and has been in many shows such as Frozen, Suessical, and Scenes from Metamorphosis. She wants to say “hi mom and dad,” and thank the Hillbarn community for welcoming her.

MICHELLE SHAY Ensemble is an upcoming sophomore at Burlingame High School. She has been Elphaba in a Section of Wicked, Pepper in Annie, and Ensemble in Disaster and Carrie. She wants to thank her mom and musical teachers for their support and help

MILES WEISMAN Gabe/Kurt Cobain/Ensemble is an incoming sophomore at Hillsdale High School. He has played Freddy in Hillbarn’s production of Carrie and he has taken dance classes for hip-hop and breakdancing at CY DanceWorks. He would like to thank his parents and sister for supporting him throughout the show’s production.

MJ KE Ensemble (u/s Luke) is an incoming freshman at Aragon High School. This is his first show at Hillbarn. He likes playing music and he would like to thank his family and friends for coming to the show.

NATALIE EWING Silena/Ensemble (u/s Annabeth) is an incoming junior at Sequoia High School. This is Natalie’s first show at Hillbarn but has been in 9 other shows at SCCT and Sequoia. She is very excited to be at Hillbarn this summer.

NICK HARB Mr. B/Chiron is a rising sophomore at San Mateo High School. Nick was most recently seen as Christopher Wren in SMHS’s The Mousetrap. He is excited for you to watch this phantasmagorical show!

NICKI WEPPNER Percy is going into his senior year at Woodside High School. He was recently seen as Pythio in Head Over Heels and looks forward to interning for the original musical, Molly Bell’s Hysterical at Hillbarn.

NOA JOHNSON Ensemble (u/s Grover) is a rising freshman at San Mateo High School. Past performances include: Devin in Jinx, Mama Bear in Shrek, and Geek in 13. When she is not performing, she enjoys drawing and biking. Noa would like to thank her friends and family for their support and is thrilled to perform in The Lightning Thief.

PETER DAVIS Ensemble is going to be a sophomore at Design Tech High School. He played Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid in middle school. When Peter grows up, he wants to be an actor or a roller coaster operator.

PETEY AL GETANY Ensemble is going to be a freshman in the fall. Petey has previously been in her school plays and musicals. Percy Jackson was her main interest when she was younger so getting to be in the musical has been nice.

PEYTON SANCHEZ Thalia/Ensemble is going into her freshman year at San Mateo High School. She has been a part of several productions, most recently she originated the role of Christina in Jinx the Musical at Borel Drama. Peyton is also a dancer at Melodic remedy. She’s very excited to be a part of her first Hillbarn show!

ROXANNE BOBO Annabeth is an incoming senior at Woodside High School. She played Cinderella in Cinderella “Enchanted Edition,” and Lisa in Mamma Mia. She’s so excited to be a part of this show and would love to thank her family for always supporting her.

SARAH ZANCANELLA Mr. D/Janis Joplin/Ensemble is a rising junior at Hillsdale High School. Recently she played Hippolyta in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Eurydice in Eurydice, and Ms. Stephens in Carrie. Thanks to her friends and family for their support. Also a huge thank you to her voice teacher Jocelyn for working and helping her.

SETH NOCOS Kronis/Train Conductor/Ensemble is a rising junior at San Mateo High. His past roles include Sgt. Trotter (The Mousetrap), Zeus (Xanadu), Ensemble (Carrie). He wants to thank the Hillbarn team for their continuous support and he hopes you can enjoy the show!

TABI OLIVER Katie/Ensemble is an incoming senior at Sequoia High School. This is her first Hillbarn show, but she has been in theater since elementary school and recently directed The Right to Rule at Sequoia. She’s so excited to be a part of this production! Thanks to her friends and family for being so supportive of her theater dreams.

ZAINA SHARAIHA Charon/Ensemble is in 11th grade at San Mateo High School. She’s been in many shows here at Hillbarn Theatre, and takes dance at school. This show is gonna be a great show aye.

ZEV RODNITZKY Beethoven/Poseidon/Ensemble is a sophomore at Hillsdale High School. He has been Dametas in Head Over Heels, Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Ensemble in 9 to 5. He wants to thank friends and family and he hopes you enjoy this show.


The Lightning Thief

The Lightning Thief

Actors Name


Brigitte (she/hers)  is a native Bay Area actress and theatre maker. When Brigitte is not on the stage she is taking your calls managing the Hillbarn Box office. Brigitte Is very excited to be back performing on the Hillbarn stage with such an incredible wealth of bay area talent. Some past roles include Ensemble/swing in Kinky Boots (ROLT), Kelly Manning in The Mad Ones & Heather Chandler in Heathers (PSP), Ali in Mamma Mia (San Jose Stage Co), Poppy in Noises Off (Hillbarn Theatre), Little Red Riding Hood in Into the Woods (LASC).