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Our Team

Stephen Muterspaugh


Executive Artistic Director




First Theatrical Experience: Ballet recital. What six year old girl doesn’t love a cancan skirt with crepe paper ruffles?
Favorite Musical: Fiddler on the Roof and Les Miserables
Fun Fact: Biggest show I ever worked on: 1988 Winter Olympics.




First Theatrical Experience: Annie when I was 5 (orphan)
Favorite Musical: Wild Party
Fun Fact: I studied archaeology, osteology, and dead languages in college, and used to dig with a team in Pompeii.

Brigitte Losey


Social Media Associate &
Box Office Lead

First Theatrical Experience: Annie- The Movie
Favorite Musical: Sweeney Todd
Fun Fact: I can touch my tongue to my nose!

Eric Olson



First Theatrical Experience: Damn Yankees at San Mateo Performing Arts Center
Favorite Musical: Avenue Q
Fun Fact: He met his wife in theatre

Alan Hafter



First Theatrical Experience: Saw “Annie Get Your Gun” at age 7 in NYC with Ethel Merman
Favorite Musical: Ragtime
Fun Fact: rehearsals; meeting the cast; doing the show!

Eve Cheney



First Theatrical Experience: Early Teens
Favorite Musical: Gypsy
Fun Fact: Spent Saturdays listening to Broadway shows as a teenager.

Kevin Low


Facilities and House Manager

First Theatrical Experience: West Side Story
Favorite Musical: Beauty and the Beast
Fun Fact: As a dancer I take ballet, jazz and tap!

Judie Gee


Front of House Manager

First Theatrical Experience: Never been on stage! But my first big OMG moment was watching La Cage Aux Folles in San Francisco. Been hooked ever since!!
Favorite Musical: Toss between Phantom of the Opera or In the Heights
Fun Fact: I volunteer w the penguins at the SF Zoo

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Seasonal Staff

Jad Bernardo

Music Director, Vocal Coach, and Pianist

Amanda Farbstein

Tap and Dance

Monique Hafen Adams

Teen Company

Samantha Ricci

Summerstage Manager​

Lani Yort

Summer Stars Director/Costumes Shrek​

River Bermudez Sanders

Starshiners Instructor​ | CARRIE AD

Kelly Burke

Startots Instructor​

Emily Burke

Starshiners Instructor

Charlotte Kehrberg

Startots and Starshiners Instructor

Nicolette Aarons

Starshiners Instructor​

Becky Alex


Lucy Ballinger


Jocelyn Pickett

SHREK Director

Anne Norland

SHREK - Music Director

Sam Ayoob

SHREK - Choreographer

Robyn Lieu

SHREK - Stage Manager

Teagan Reynolds

SHREK - Assistant Director

Adam Lipsom

SHREK - Assistant Choreographer

Stephanie Wozniak

CARRIE - Director

Rick Reynolds

CARRIE - Music Director

Alison Hagen

CARRIE - Choreographer

Quincy Rosenzweig

CARRIE - Stage Manager

Board Of Directors

Lisa WolfKlain

Saili Gosula
Vice President

David Grisham

Jan Pickering

Michelle Ayoob
Liz Buljan
Doris Duncan
Craig Courtin
Anthone Jackson
Robert Sloss
Gary Stanford Jr.
Sara Steppe


T. Jack Foster Jr.
Honorary Chair

Mary Moore
Gary Harris
Rosemary Rodd
Nancy Lee Jalonen
Rich Biederman
Norm Book
Christine Krolik
Regina Quigley
Paul Reagan
Lori Silverstein
Judy Waterman


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