College Vocal Audition Prep — March 6/8

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College Vocal Audition Prep

Are you are a current Junior or Senior getting ready to go on a college audition tour and want to major in musical theatre or voice, but are still unsure of what repertoire to sing? Come to this two-night prep class, designed by an internationally acclaimed opera singer, director, and teacher, Meghan Michelle McGovern, that can help you evaluate and perform your selections successfully and with confidence. A class size cap of 4 students is kept in order to give each student ample one-on-one time with Ms. McGovern. All students will be able to take home a written evaluation of what repertoire to learn or of their existing repertoire.

2-day Course
DATES:  March 6th and 8th
TIMES: 6 pm – 7:30 pm
AGES: 12 +
DIRECTORS: Meghan Michelle McGovern

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