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Thank you for considering joining the Hillbarn Angel Society with your planned gift. The Hillbarn Angel Society honors those who have named or intend to name, Hillbarn Theatre, Inc, as a beneficiary of a will, charitable trust, retirement plan (including through donations of RMDs), insurance policy, or other planned gift. Joining is a statement of intention, not a binding legal commitment. Contributions have a significant impact on building a strong, permanent support structure to secure a solid financial future for Hillbarn Theatre & Conservatory.

Consider endowing or increasing your annual support for Hillbarn with a planned gift. The planned giving program, or Angel Society, currently has funds that support programs that you can direct your gift to and support vital artistic initiatives. Every planned gift no matter the size is impactful beyond measure and will ensure the future and longevity of Hillbarn Theatre & Conservatory for years to come.

Would you consider allocating RMDs to Hillbarn? Would you consider naming Hillbarn in your will? Will you become a Hillbarn Angel?

Your legacy gift can ensure that artists, creatives, and our youth experience their potential through the programs at Hillbarn Theatre, the only 80-year-old theatre company where so many talented people converge from around the county to learn, collaborate and produce art and ideas that have a lasting impact on our communities. Your gift can have the impact you want on whatever arts or program has meant the most to you during your lifetime. Whether you want to support musicians, arts education, creative efforts, dancers, new work writers, or the organization as a whole, we invite you to create your customized personal legacy at Hillbarn Theatre & Conservatory. Your range of possibilities is only limited by your creativity!  lasting impact with their gift to continue the mission of Hillbarn Theatre for future generations.


Dear Dan - I write a check from my IRA directly to Hillbarn every year; the donation counts toward my required minimum distribution (“RMD”) and then I do not have to pay taxes on the amount that I give to Hillbarn. Directing RMDs to be paid to Hillbarn is a great way to increase current donations to Hillbarn, and it is very convenient. Thank you for forming the Hillbarn Angel Society to recognize donors who support Hillbarn through RMD donations and other planned giving.
Paul Regan
Past Board Chair and Emeritus, and Charter Member of the Hillbarn Angel Society
Dear Dan - My husband and I are happy to be able to donate some of his required minimum distributions (“RMDs”) to Hillbarn as a way to increase our annual contributions to Hillbarn. Being retired, we are somewhat on a fixed income but always wanted to be able to do more. Utilizing RMDs, which we are required to take anyway, allows us to do this and at the same time avoid being taxed on the distribution because Hillbarn is a tax-exempt entity. All we have to do is instruct our retirement plan manager to make the distribution directly to Hillbarn. The distribution can also then be used currently by Hillbarn. Glad to be Hillbarn Angels!
Sara Steppe
Board member, Past Parent, and Charter Member of the Hillbarn Angel Society

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Please contact Dan Demers, Executive Artistic Director, at 650-349-6411 x303, or email [email protected]

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