Dear Friends,

Dan Demers
Executive Artistic Director

I just came from watching the first run through of The Foreigner, the second show of our 77th season, and let me tell you, you are in for a treat!

It takes a unique set of actors and a deft director to pull off a wild comedy like this one – we have them. Brian Herndon is making his directorial debut here at Hillbarn Theatre, and we couldn’t be more excited. Brian’s version of this hallowed 30-plus year favorite of the theater is filled with humor and folksiness played against the background of a crumbling resort lodge in small-town Georgia. It’s odd that this is an American play because it has all the hallmarks of a classic British door-banger. There are plenty of misunderstandings, shenanigans, and, then, the arrival of men in sheets.

While we understand why other theater companies around the nation have cancelled their productions of The Foreigner because of the integral role the Ku Klux Klan plays within the show, the cast and creative team of Hillbarn Theatre’s The Foreigner, along with our staff and Board of Directors, have unanimously decided to proceed with this production. In light of recent events around our nation, we believe our role as art makers is to not be silent or complicit.

We are all Foreigners in one-way or another; our ancestors just arrived at different times. It is hugely important that we celebrate not only our similarities but also our differences. You will see in this work how one character can enrich and enliven these people simply because he is “different.” A powerful message indeed! 

Our hope is that this production encourages community discussion, inspires personal reflection on the play’s timely themes of identity and otherness—and most importantly, this tightly wound, raucous night of theater makes you laugh.

Dan Demers
Executive Artistic Director
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