MEET THE CAST: Michelle Greenberg-Shannon

Don't miss Michelle Greenberg-Shannon as Golde in Fiddler On The Roof, Dec 3-20th.

Don’t miss Michelle Greenberg-Shannon as Golde in Fiddler On The Roof, Dec 3-20th.

Today, we shine the spotlight on Michelle Greenberg-Shannon, who plays the role of Golde in our upcoming production of Fiddler on the Roof!

1. You play the role of the Golde, what do you have in common with your character?
I am a mother of two beautiful daughters and like Golde, I want the best for them. Better than I had or have.  The other day I acted, what I thought was Golde like toward my husband and laughing told him so.  He said, ‘What are you talking about?  That’s normal for you!’  I guess I’m more like Golde than I think!

2. What made you audition for Fiddler on the Roof?
I decided to come back to the stage after quite some time for a couple of reasons.  One, I missed it terribly….that fire in your belly that propels you out there on stage in front of 100s, sometimes 1000s of people to share your passion.  Two, the camaraderie that you feel being part of an amazing group people. Three, I teach musical theatre and I really wanted to make sure I wasn’t simply talking at them, but living it with them.

3. What should the audience look forward to in this show?
It is such a beautiful piece that transcends time.  Truly, it is so relevant today.  They will be singing the songs for weeks to come.  The rollercoaster of emotions that they will experience is better than any ride you could have.

4. What do you think the audience will be discussing on their way home after seeing Fiddler On the Roof?  
I think the audience will walk out of there shaking their heads thinking, that could have been my family!  Dan Demers has done such an amazing job of making the audience a part of the show without them even knowing it.  The music ain’t half bad either!

5. When did you discover your love for the theatre?
Theatre was always a part of my world.  My grandparents were very much into the arts.  My grandfather was a violinist and his love for traditional Jewish music was always present in our house.  My grandmother’s father was part of the Yiddish theatre in NY when he came to this country from Poland and my grandmother’s mother was a beautiful singer.  My parents followed their lead and then there’s me!

6. What is your favorite and most memorable role you ever played?  Why?
My favorite role was Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors.  I got my Equity card doing that show.  It was so fun to totally immerse myself in such a fantasy!  Not to mention the music I got to sing!  Also, being a blonde for a bit was fun!

7. If you could pick one actor/actress on Broadway to perform with, who would it be? Why?
If I could perform with Patty Lupone…. I would be the happiest girl!  She is such a giving actress and so strong on stage….. she would certainly challenge me!

8. What is one thing you are incredibly proud of?
My daughters are my pride and joy.  I look at them and am just amazed that these two spunky, beautiful kids came from the love of their father and I.  I believe we’ve instilled a sense of independence, pride, and an inquisitive nature in them…. and couldn’t be prouder!

9. What is one fact or fun thing that we don’t know about you?
I’m kind of an open book, really.  What you see is what you get.  However, I tend to laugh at the most inappropriate times 😉

Don’t miss your chance to see Michelle Greenberg-Shannon in Fiddler On the Roof, December 3 -20, at the historic Hillbarn Theatre in Foster City. Tickets available at

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