Meet Our New Conservatory Director and Conservatory Operations Manager

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome and introduce you to our new Conservatory Director, Erica Wyman-Abrahamson and Conservatory Operations Manager, Danielle Santana-Combs! Together they will provide a thriving and nurturing program for our young conservatory performers.  We are so fortunate to have Erica and Danielle working with us once again.

Erica's HeadshotErica Wyman-Abrahamson, Conservatory Director —  returns to Hillbarn Theatre and is thrilled to be the new Conservatory Director. Erica is a local actor, director and educator on the Peninsula. She helped create a thriving conservatory at Broadway by the Bay, and then went on to start her own acting workshops and private study program. Erica is looking forward to bringing her wealth of knowledge to the Hillbarn Conservatory in both musical theatre and dramatic works. Along with the help of the amazing team at Hillbarn, Erica is excited to be working with Danielle Santana-Combs again to produce and enrich the lives of children and adults through the world of Theatre.


Danielle ImageDanielle Santana-Combs, Conservatory Operation Manager —  returns to Hillbarn Theatre as the Conservatory Operations Manager.  Danielle is a Bay Area native, she grew up in Foster City, and brings with her an extensive theatrical background.  She has helped create theatre on the Peninsula for over 17 years, working with Hillbarn Theatre, Broadway by the Bay and San Mateo Performing Arts Center. She is excited to rejoin the Hillbarn team and is looking forward to working with Erica Wyman-Abrahamson to create a thriving program. Having a family of her own, Danielle is excited to bring theatre education and enrichment to children and adults alike on the Peninsula.

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