Paige Collazo - EnsembleToday, we shine the spotlight on Paige Collazo, who is a featured dancer in our upcoming production of Sweet Charity.

Paige couldn’t be happier to be performing again! Her most memorable productions include Singin’ in the Rain (Featured Dancer), Funny Girl (Vera/Featured Woman), Guys and Dolls (Hot Box Girl) and Side by Side by Sondheim (Featured Soloist). When not on stage, Paige studies psychology at College of San Mateo and teaches for S.N.A.P. at Dance Arts Center in Redwood City. She dedicates her performance to her loving, supportive family without whom she wouldn’t have found her love of theater.

What inspired you to accept a role in Sweet Charity?
The production staff, the cast, the company…what wouldn’t inspire me! I would never turn down any opportunity to work with cherished friends and mentors at one of my favorite theaters.

What do you think the audience will be discussing on their way home after seeing Sweet Charity?
I really hope they will be discussing how entertained they were. Not only is this show already written with comedic value, but we are lucky enough to have a cast made up of actors who know what it means to entertain. I find myself watching our rehearsals and laughing through tears by what my fellow cast-mates are capable of. I feel honored to be surrounded by such immense talent both onstage and offstage.

When did you discover your love for the theatre?
I don’t think I can really pinpoint a specific time when I found my love for theatre, it’s just always been a constant in my life since I began doing it. The more chances I got to sing and perform, the happier I was. But I think my love for general performing really came from when I would sing Reflection on this tiny stage in the Children’s section of Barnes and Noble as a kid. My mom would let me spend a good chunk of time running back and forth from that stage just to sing the same song over and over again. She’s a very supportive lady.

How did you get started in theatre?
The only reason I really started getting into theatre was because of my two older sisters. Brandy was the first one of us to enter the musical world, then Morgan and then myself. Once I did my first show, it just sort of felt like something I was supposed to be doing. Plus, I was a really terrible soccer player…I was only on a team for the uniform.

What do you love about performing on stage?
The people. From production staff to cast to audience, everyone who plays a part in the growth of a production. Without the people, who would we be performing for anyways?

What is your favorite and most memorable role you ever played?  Why?
I think I’d have to choose performing in Side By Side By Sondheim. Since the production was a musical review which wasn’t what I was familiar with, it was much more challenging for me to engross myself as a different character for each song. I distinctly remember being cast to sing “I’m Still Here” from Follies which is an insanely iconic song and at the time, I wasn’t even aware of that! I remember going home after learning the song and researching almost every lyric in it just so I would be able to capture what this character’s story was. Performing such an emotionally mature song really gave me perspective on what it meant to play a character that was unlike any other I’ve played. I’d love to get the chance to be a part of this production again.

If you could pick one actor/actress to perform with on Broadway, who would it be?
Oh god, I’m terrible at these sort of questions…I’d probably have to go with John Gallagher, Jr. If I can’t play some of my dreams roles, I gotta watch someone do them well.

Do you have any wacky rituals you do before curtain call?
I don’t necessarily think this is wacky but I always put together a specific playlist to listen to while I’m getting ready. It consists of anything from ‘Nsync to Missy Elliot to Blink-182. Really gets me into the mood.

What is one thing you are incredibly proud of?
My family. Always have and always will be!

What is one fact or fun thing or special/hidden talent that we don’t know about you?
I won a Justin Bieber sing-alike contest at the Hillsdale mall when I was fifteen. Won my whole family a trip to Los Angeles because of it too!

Don’t miss your chance to see Paige Collazo in Sweet Charity May 5-29, at the historic Hillbarn Theatre in Foster City.

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