Dear Friends,

First and foremost, I hope that you and your loved ones are well and staying healthy and safe. Second, I want to share my profound thanks and appreciation to the many of you who continue to send in letters and emails with messages of kindness, support, and hope over these past weeks. Your belief has meant the world to us and continues to fuel the passion needed for the world that awaits us after this.

Throughout these challenging days, our number one priority continues to be the health and safety of our patrons, our artists, and our staff. We continue to monitor public health and government orders to ensure that every decision we make is in the best interest of our community, and the communal fight against COVID-19.

As you know we had to cancel Laughter on the 23rd Floor and now, unfortunately, we must also cancel La Cage aux Folles, but we will be moving The Four Gifts to next season. This has been a very difficult pill to swallow. However, as much as this saddens us, it has motivated us to create new ways to share our award-winning art with you. I am hopeful that we will be sharing that great art soon through the magic of technology and innovation. Though the profound cultural loss due to the mass silencing of arts institutions is hard to fathom, I am heartened by the amount of online content being created that still allows us to escape to new worlds, understand each others’ pain and joy and encourages us to laugh and listen more intensely in order to feel free while our movement is restricted.

To the theatre artists and technicians whose lives have been upended by this crisis, here in the Bay Area and across the country, my thoughts are with you. I would also like to acknowledge the unbelievable administrative team here at Hillbarn Theatre & Conservatory who continue to work tirelessly under rapidly changing circumstances.

“Art is a tether that carries humanity through history, and, when we pay attention, it leads us toward healing in all sorts of ways.”
– Kaitlin Curtice

We are a network of dreamers, storytellers, and of curious minds. As we look forward, the passion and dedication of you, our Hillbarn Theatre & Conservatory family, reassures me. Your generosity and belief in what we do here will give us the security that we need to stay safe while we make plans to be together again soon. It is our job to continue to nourish the imagination of our community and those in it.

I know we will roar back onstage in celebration of our 80th Anniversary Season, stronger than ever, and with a renewed appreciation for the inspirational place live theatre and arts education holds in the heart of our community.

In the meantime, stay healthy, stay safe, stay resilient.
We miss you!


Dan Demers
Executive & Artistic Director, Hillbarn Theatre & Conservatory

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