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Welcome to the High School Musical Parent & Cast Member Page!

***Please check back often for updates.*** This is where all of the important information will be posted.

Please be sure to fill out all Online Forms for enrollment to be complete (including Sweatshirt Size).
Please also fill out the CONFLICT CALENDAR and submit it to Meghan and Randy.

Rehearsals start on Tuesday, February 6, 2018.
Performances will be held on April 13, 14, & 15, 2018.

10-Week Class
DATES: Tuesdays and Thursday
TIMES: 4pm – 6pm
AGES: 6th – 12th grade
TUITION:  (includes t-shirt and photos)

Directed and Music Directed By Meghan McGovern
Choreographed by Randy Blake
Asst. Choreography by Nicholas J. Garland



Theatre Kid – Sonia Wentworth
Theatre Kid – Dahlia Levy
Theatre Kid – Julia Roseborough
Theatre Kid/Mongo – Malia Malden
Theatre Kid/Performance Art Kid #3 – Leyla Sava
Brainiac/Performance Art Kid #2 – Sofia La Bove
Brainiac/Alan – Isabela Sophia Sugden
Theatre Kid/James – Katherine Errington
Brainiac/Kratnoff – Grace Isola
Brainiac/Performance Art Kid #1 – Abigail McQuaid
Cheerleader/Moderator of Decathalon – Sydney Lane
Cheerleader/Cyndra – Sarah Brennan
Cheerleader/Cathy – Jasmine Miller
Cheerleader/Susan – Lorelai Schalch
Cheerleader/Science Teacher – Dalton Boyse
Jock/Jason/Ripper – Vishrut Chawla
Martha Cox – Maya Benjamin
Taylor – Annika Bjornson
Kelsi – Samantha Mefford
Ryan – Mark Castro
Gabriella – Sierra Esmond
Coach Bolton – James Verhoven
Sharpay – Madelyn Saniewski
Zeke – Noah Itzkovitz
Chad – Adrian Harris
Jack (jackie) Scott – Claire Freeman
Troy – Tommy Consunji
Ms. Darbus – Giada Auranicky

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Choreography Videos
HSM Rehearsal 2/15/18 Part 1

HSM Rehearsal 2/15/18 Part 2

HSM Rehearsal 2/15/18 Part 3


HSM Audition Video 1

HSM Audtion Video 2