Covid Info


Covid-19 has made our world a very different place to gather in groups,  so naturally, to reflect that, summer camps will look a little different for the time being. We’ll still be offering the same whimsical, crazy, fun educational experiences you have come to love; we’ve just made a few adjustments to ensure the safety of all involved.
Hillbarn Theatre is committed to the health and safety of our community. We are a completely Vaccinated company. We continue to monitor CDC recommendations and regularly consult with local health officials to ensure we are taking appropriate measures based on the current data.
All students MUST provide Proof of Vaccination to enroll and wear N94/N95 masks at all times. Travel is not allowed through the duration of camp.


  • Each student and staff member will be required to wear a mask at all times.
  • Daily Temperature checks will take place upon arrival.
  • Students will each be assigned a cubby to hold their personal belongings. Their station is theirs alone and will not be touched by others.
  • For singing rehearsals students will be distanced 6 feet apart, and will remain masked.
  • In regards to set and props: all pieces will be sanitized by cast and crew after they are used and before the next group is allowed to touch them.
  • Only two persons in the bathroom at a time.
  • Choreography rehearsals will take place with everyone having assigned spots 6 feet apart, marked by Xs on the ground, and weather permitting will take place outside.
  • Physical contact will be limited in scene work/staging, but will happen.
  • Every student must be vaccinated against COVID-19.


  • Audience members must wear a mask at all times in the building.
  • No food or drink in the building. Drinks and snacks can be consumed in the courtyard.
  • Audience members will be seated socially distanced by party, with 2/3 seats between each party.
  • Temperature checks will be conducted upon arrival on every audience member.
  • Audience members must provide proof of vaccination.
**Please Note: As public health and safety recommendations shift, we reserve the right to make any changes to policies and structure that are needed. **

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