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Carrie the Musical

July 29 - 31, 2022

(3 Shows Only)

A Hillbarn Theatre Conservatory High School Production

Music by Michael Gore
Lyrics by Dean Pitchford
Book by Lawrence D. Cohen
Based on Carrie by Stephen King
The shy and sheltered Carrie White struggles through High School unpopular and bullied. Her religiously fanatic mother only increases Carrie’s solitude and yet amidst the isolation, Carrie develops telekinetic abilities. After an embarrassing incident, Carrie finds herself as the target of a cruel prank set up by the popular kids. As the popular kids execute their vicious prank on the night of prom, the evening takes a turn as Carrie uses her telekinetic powers ending the evening in devastating ruins.
DISCLAIMER: Not recommended for children under the age of 11. Mature content and language, violence, and gore.
*All Audience Members must provide proof of vaccination and ID at the door
**All Audience Members must wear a mask at all times in the theatre

Cast & Production

Show Cast
Carrie WhiteBrynn Ayoob
Margaret WhiteGabi Asmar
Sue SnellZoe Dovydaitis
Tommy RossNoah Itzkovitz
Chris HargensenAmelie de Leon
Billy NolanNicki Wepner
Miss GardnerIzzy Wynne
Ms. StephensSarah Zancanella
Reverend BlissKaya Jimenez
Voice 1Brenna Au Miller
Voice 2Chloe Rodriguez
FriedaReina Subramanian
NormaZaina Sharaiha
HelenSophie Lee
GeorgeZev Rodnitzky
StokesAdam Bartov
FreddyMiles Weisman
EnsembleGabby McIlwain (Dance Captain), Charlize Cheung (asst Dance Captain), Rosemary Conant*, Annabella Lew*, Miguel Pangilinan*, Elena Kwauk*, Brenna Au Miller*, Chloe de Leon, Chloe Gee, Mikaela George, Ayanna Hernandez, Andrew McColl, Shayla Mukerji, Kate Ridgway, Eren Kimble, Seth Nocos, Zion Oliveros, Michelle Shay, Quinn Kundin, Maddie Banas, Valentina Espinosa, Zev Rodnitzky, Chloe Rodriguez, Adam Bartov, Miles Weisman, Kaya Jimenez

*Featured dancers

Production team
DirectorStephanie Wozniak
ChoreographerAlison Hagen
Assistant DirectorRiver Bermudez-Sanders
Music DirectionRick Reynolds
Stage ManagerMolly Zwiebach
Production AssistantQuincy Rosenzweig
Lighting & Sound DesignerRon Ho
Technical DirectorEric Olson

Cast Photos

Show Photos

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