Middle School Acting for Film and Camera Week!

1 Week

Date: July 20- July 24, 2020
Time: A La Cart Class Time
Cost: $250.00
Acting for Film and Camera is so different than acting for the stage. Although both share many of the same foundations the techniques can be drastically different. This week we take a long look at perfecting your on camera work and getting you to be able to hit your marks and knock each take out of the park. Nail those video submission videos and the next digital callback you’re at! So come play and explore with us, and by the end of the week you’ll be ready for Hollywood!

1 class per day (others may be added at $10 per class, per day)
Private Coachings
Weekly mentoring sessions
Small Class sizes (10-15)
Trivia Nights
Weekly talk-back with stars of Stage and Screen

*A detailed class schedule will be sent out the week before camp starts, so students can pick their personalized lesson plans for the week!

Have questions?

Contact Randy at the Conservatory
[email protected]

Or try calling
650.349.6411 Ext. 307

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