Aya Matsutomo

IMG_0247After many volunteer hours spent at a variety of theatres in the Bay Area and tirelessly struggling to get her H1-B working visa, our very own Aya Matsutomo has officially become an employee here at Hillbarn! Thanks to Lee Foster, Dan Demers, and Amanda Roccuzzo who brought this amazingly talented individual to the Hillbarn team.

“This is still a baby step but a big step,” says Matsutomo. “Since 2008 I worked on about 100 shows (including a few day-gigs and rentals etc.) at many theatres and met so many talented people! I feel so lucky that many people gave this small Asian person (who still speaks random English) a lot of opportunities, and accepted me into the circle.”

Ms. Matsutomo can be seen around the theatre up on the catwalk, hanging lights, building sets, designing lighting for our shows, and even giving us her typical Aya glares when she doesn’t agree with an idea during production meetings. “Everyone who I’ve worked with has helped me to make this happen. Without all the opportunities and friends I couldn’t get all the skills/experiences that I have now!”

Congratulations Aya!!! We’re so lucky to have you on the team!!!

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