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Since 1941, the historic Hillbarn Theatre has served the San Francisco Bay Area by embracing this founding ideal:

“To create theatre with the community, for the community, striving always for excellence in production and education.”

We fulfill our mission by striving to do the following:

  • Bring artists and audience together as part of our intimate Hillbarn family to experience engaging and inspiring theatrical productions.
  • Select program themes that entertain, explore the joys and sorrows of our common human experience, and celebrate our diversity.
  • Enhance and enliven the arts and entertainment culture of our community.
  • Offer amateur performers and technicians a venue and direction by trained professionals to achieve personal and artistic growth.
  • Through the Conservatory at Hillbarn Theatre, provide enriching and lasting educational opportunities for young and aspiring artists.


“Pride mixed with nostalgia…at the opening of the new Hillbarn Little Theatre…” wrote theater critic Barbara Bladen in The San Mateo Times dated May 27, 1968. She continued, “The collective lump in the audience’s throat was as big as the theatre itself as the evening divided itself into ceremonial and theatrical. By the time the play [Dark of the Moon] started, there were few dry eyes.” So began the 28th consecutive season of Hillbarn Theatre as they were finally in their permanent home in Foster City, California.

Hillbarn Theatre was founded by Robert Brauns and Sam Rolph. It was developed as an outgrowth of the Peninsula Little Theatre (PLT), a community theater founded in 1936 and operated under the auspices of the Adult Learning Division of the College of San Mateo (CSM). Hillbarn Summer Theatre was Robert Brauns’ brainchild after he had experience New England Summer Stock Theater. Brauns, Rolph and Ralph Schram, who started Palo Alto Players, set out to find a barn in the summer of 1941. The Pingrey Barn on a hill at 43rd Avenue and Hillbarn Court in San Mateo was Hillbarn Theatre’s first home. Very funny catastrophes defined those two years in the barn; the smells were horrible, the infrastructure questionable and yet they still mounted six shows in six weeks during the summer.

In the summer of 1943 a survey of theater throughout the country was published and it was said of Hillbarn,”…its standards of production match or surpass those of professional summer theaters in the East. In choice of plays it ranks above the east. A summer theater which can make a success of Ibsen, Moliere, Sardou, and Wilde, and which in three years can introduce five new authors to the stage in premiere performances, seems to indicate a theatre-going public in San Mateo of greater discrimination and sophistication ever dreams possible in California.”

Hillbarn had two more homes before its permanent move to Foster City. It enjoyed seventeen years in the derelict chapel on the old Borel estate on El Camino Real in San Mateo. Hillbarn and its founders were noted for their flexibility—on and off stage. Hillbarn had attracted national attention during the war. Stanford Professor Wendell Cole termed the phrase “flexible staging” to Braun and Rolph’s unique staging concept; they had turned the liability of strangely configured spaces into an asset. This was a new concept. They were able to reconfigure any space of audience and actors within the same space which was completely different than the proscenium stages of the time.

Simultaneously, Brauns and Rolph had to remain flexible off the stage as well. Audiences were often cold and they would serve coffee to keep them for the second act; that tradition of free coffee continues today. In 1950, the Borel Chapel was closed by the fire department. Completion of the run of the original play Dorothy was done at the CSM auditorium. Renovation of the aging theatre was completed at the expense of the Brauns three years later in 1953. Unfortunately, only seven years later in 1960 the theatre was condemned to build the Highway 92 overpass. Bettendorf says, “With ‘flexibility’ Brauns and Rolph handled all crises, and many of their boldest, more far-reaching innovations were as a result of their original, creative solutions to problems. Many of these solutions are now commonplace theater practices, but few know that they originated with a little community theater in San Mateo, in the 1940s and 1950s.

Carlmont Shopping Center in Belmont provided Hillbarn’s home from 1962 to 1968. The San Mateo Times in 1961 stated, “the theater will open its fall season in September [1962]…to coincide with the opening of the [Charm] Restaurant which is still under construction. The Camperdown Elm, who’s sheltering branches during moonlit coffee intermission became as famous as the building, has been offered to the City of San Mateo Park Commission, but cost of moving it is prohibitive, and it will fall before bulldozers. The bell which summoned theatre-goers at the beginning of each act was…given to 15-year old Lindley Cotton…the inscription of the bell reads: “Grace Chapel –San Mateo Homestead-1908-Donation by A. Borel.” Cuttings from the original Camperdown elm created a new tree which along with the bell was moved, in 1968, to Hillbarn’s fourth and final location in the new Foster City; they continue as traditions to this day. Unfortunately, the bell was stolen on September 25, 2004; one day after Hillbarn opened its 64th Season. UPDATE: On September 3, 2010, the day of the opening of the 70th Season, a concerned citizen discovered the bell in a scrap metal shop in San Leandro. His phone call lead to the recovery of the bell and the presentation to the audience on opening night–an auspicious beginning for the 70th season. Present for the bell presentation was the Mayor of Foster City Rick Wykoff who generously presented a 70th Season Proclamation, City Council Members Charles Bronitsky, Pam Frisella, and Art Kiesel. Also present was T. Jack Foster, Jr. and members of the Borel family who gave the bell to Hillbarn: Kristi and Bob Spence.

What brought the theatre to Foster City: T. Jack Foster, Jr. reminisces in a 1995 interview, “I guess the gift [of the land] was made thirty years ago (sic). Hillbarn at that time was in a crisis of some sort and looking for a home. So I thought, ‘Any community should be excited about having Hillbarn in the community,’ and so I came back and talked to my Dad and brothers, and said, “Why don’t we see if we can capture this for Foster City?’’ We were interested in all aspects of a new town, including culture, and here was a cultural opportunity to land the theater.”

With the gift of the land, the Foster family assisted with the cultural life of the new community. Architects Robert Blunk and Vic Wandmayer donated their services to design and provide plans for the new building; they also worked with the suppliers. Wally Nafis and Robert Eggli donated their landscaping services. Wells Fargo bank under the banking direction of Carl Ward arranged a low interest loan. Many, many people assisted with the fundraising to make all of it happen. In less than ten years the membership paid off the mortgage.

Yet, the next crisis was on the horizon. The founders were aging and wanted to retire and simultaneously, due to the taxpayers’ revolt of 1978, Proposition 13 caused the Adult Education program of the College of San Mateo to cut the theater offerings and the salaries of Brauns, Rolph and their Box Office Manager were eliminated.

Although many talented artistic and managing directors came and went, the period between 1978 and 1998 was a difficult period for Hillbarn Theatre; they were trying to define themselves without their founders and without the funding and support from the College. As Board President, Foster City resident, T. Jack Foster, III, the son of T. Jack Foster, Jr. who had given the land to Hillbarn Theatre brought in two new board members: his sister Lee Foster and Diane Griest. Together with the Board of Directors they created a series of new guiding initiatives that would make the aging theater viable again. Barnraising 1998 was born and began the process of revitalization that continues today.

Within two years Lee Foster, was made Executive Director; she was given the mandate to hire a top-notch artistic director to bring the production values of the theater up. In May 2001 Toni Tomei, a highly respected actress and director who had formally worked at Palo Alto Players and at Peninsula Center Stage, was hired to direct the show 1776. During that period she replace Kay Kleinerman, the first Artistic Director, who had followed through with the Board of Director mandate to form the Hillbarn Conservatory whose object it was to train children year round in theater arts and to build an audience for the next generation. The Foster City Parks and Recreation Department offered to assist Hillbarn with the marketing of the Children’s Conservatory. This important partnership exists today. Toni set out immediately to improve the artistic aspect of the theater and to recreate relationships with the artistic community. Toni significantly improved the production values at Hillbarn, now the task was to improve the quality and consistency of the music. In 2005, Hillbarn hired Greg Sudmeier as Resident Musical Director. Veteran technical director Lee Basham, known for his innovative sets and quality of detail, made his mark over this ten year period leaving in 2010 after seeing the theatre back on its feet.

While Tomei was busy improving things on the stage, Foster was working on different fronts and was developing a relationship with the Foster City community. In her first year as Executive Director, she was asked by the City Council to replace the roof; it was a huge blow to a new Executive Director that already had enormous fiscal problems. With the help of the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the City of Foster City and the fundraiser, Raise the Roof, the three entities split the $90,000 bill three ways and the community kept its theater with its brand new roof that was completed in January 2002. Since then Hillbarn replaced the front yard–above and below ground-added air conditioning and is currently trying to replace the bathrooms.

Other initiatives completed the renaissance the theater was experiencing. Wells Fargo Bank, Chicago Title, Applied Materials, and the Peninsula Community Foundation (now Silicon Valley Community Foundation) became huge annual supporters of the theater. Additionally, local groups including the Lion’s Club, the Rotary Club of Foster City, and others joined in. 2003 saw the completion of a one-year strategic planning process that interviewed over 300 supporters of the community theater. Hillbarn realized how important they were to the community. Six initiatives were realized that would ensure artistic quality and fiscal soundness which would create a community theater that would endure forever (see Hillbarn mission). In November 2004, Hillbarn Theatre paid off accumulated debt and remains debt free today. Executive Director Lee Foster was given the 2008 Bravo! Award by Congresswoman Jackie Speier.

By 2009, the economy was reeling and simultaneously Executive Director Lee Foster had left to pursue other interests.

The board invited her back, this time in the capacity of both Executive Director –but added Artistic Director to her moniker calling her Executive Producing Director.

As a savvy marketer who really understands the intimate 179- seat Hillbarn space and audience, Lee developed one season after the next that have raised the bar, filled the houses, and brought local acclaim. She added 3-4 guest artist contracts per year as part of her interest in bringing up the quality of Hillbarn’s offerings. As producer, she created partnerships with various organizations and jointly produced or created new programming in addition to Hillbarn’s six show season. Local partners include the PJCC; together Hillbarn and the PJCC created a five show “season” of interesting one day offerings targeted to various audiences. The music department of Notre Dame de Namur University (NDNU) stepped forward to join hands with Hillbarn on the production of Terrence McNally’s Master Class; in that way, Hillbarn had access to top notch voices in opera who looked for opportunities to obtain acting skills. That partnership continued with the recent hit Ragtime, directed by Lee. In addition, Hillbarn partnered with MTC, a division of NDNU, to bring a concert version of Mack and Mabel to the stage. In addition, the world-renowned Diablo Ballet partnered with Hillbarn for ticketing services and last Spring presented a three-performance series at Hillbarn. The Fremont Symphony just was added as one of Hillbarn’s partners.

This period was also marked with an extraordinary board of directors under the creative leadership of Christine Krolik and Larry Schlenoff. Highlights under their leadership included the fundraiser at the Carolands Mansion featuring Carol Channing and husband Harry Kuljian and the expansion of the Children’s Conservatory under the direction of Veronika Olah and now Nancy Fitzgerald expanded its outreach to all the Hillsborough Schools.

Hillbarn is the 6th oldest continuously operating amateur theater company in the nation and is the oldest company in San Mateo County. Since 1995, Hillbarn won a Theater Critics Circle Award, was accepted at the Edinburgh Theatre Festival, was honored with several mayoral proclamations for excellence in theatrical production and education, three Dean Goodman Awards for Artistic Excellence, and a Foster City Honors Award for the Executive Director in 2003. In a 1994 interview with former Artistic Director Scott Williams, he said: “Hillbarn is an idea. Hillbarn began as a vision of Bob and Sam, essentially, and it has stayed coalesced around their vision. People who came here understood they had the vision, and it was an extraordinary one…They created a good feeling, a great viable organization, and they had a marvelous ability to bring people into the process.” Hillbarn will remain forever a legacy to their memories and a benefit to the cultural life of the citizens of Foster City.

Dan Demers


 650-349-6411 ext. 303

Dan Demers a San Mateo native and holds a Bachelors degree in Theatre Arts and Direction. He has been working locally for more than 12 years in both educational theatre as a director and as an actor. Coupled with a diverse background in business management, graphic design and creative direction, Dan brings a wealth of technical and creative ideas to Hillbarn. He is so pleased to be creating great art with the amazing staff at Hillbarn and looks forward to using his skills in creating a beacon of theatrical arts on the Peninsula.

Pam Lampkin


Pam Lampkin holds a degree in English and Theatre with an emphasis in Costume Design from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. She spent twenty years working for regional theatre companies across Canada, landing in Calgary as the head of the Costume Department of a multi-user production company. Her work there included managing the prototype construction of the skating costumes for the closing ceremonies of the 1988 Winter Olympics.  From 1990 until 1998 her costumes appeared on the main stages of the Bay Area including A.C.T., Theatreworks, San Jose Rep., Shakespeare Santa Cruz and Opera San Jose. Since then she has worked as non-profit management professional generating revenue and increasing support bases for arts and education organizations including the Burlingame Community for Education Foundation, Ives Quartet, Music at Kohl Mansion and Hillbarn Theatre.

Phyllis Garland


 650-349-6411 ext. 302

Phyllis Garland is thrilled to be part of the Hillbarn Theatre family.  As Marketing Manager, she brings with her more than 20 years of marketing experience. She’s responsible for the theatre’s overall marketing strategy and leads on the development of the Hillbarn Theatre brand. With over 20 years of combined marketing, website design/development, and managerial experience in the corporate world and at prestigious start-ups, Phyllis not only brings her expertise to Hillbarn Theatre, but also her energy, creativity, and great sense of humor.

Phyllis’ love for the theatre as a spectator runs deep. She embraces the magic of being transported to another place in another time.  Phyllis is extremely proud to be a part of the Hillbarn Theatre staff who focus their attention on supporting local artists and providing the San Francisco Bay Area with high quality theatre.

Erica Wyman


 650-349-6411 ext. 307

Erica Wyman returns to Hillbarn Theatre and is thrilled to be the new Conservatory Director. Erica is a local actor, director and educator on the Peninsula. She helped create a thriving conservatory at Broadway by the Bay, and then went on to start her own acting workshops and private study program. Erica is looking forward to bringing her wealth of knowledge to the Hillbarn Conservatory in both musical theatre and dramatic works. Along with the help of the amazing team at Hillbarn, Erica is excited to produce and enrich the lives of children and adults through the world of Theatre.

Aya Matsutomo


 Aya Matsutomo is originally from Japan and has worked on dozens of shows here at Hillbarn as Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, and Master Electrician. She has also worked with San Jose Stage Company, TheatreWorks, SF Playhouse, FOGG Theatre, NewGround Theatre Dance Company, CRT and TIMPACC.

Brigitte Losey


 650-349-6411 ext. 308

Brigitte Losey is proud to be a member of the Hillbarn Team as our Box Office Lead.  She has participated in theatre all around the bay area and holds a Bachelors Degree in theatre arts from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo. She is looking forward enhancing our patron’s overall theatrical experience. When she is not working in the Hillbarn box office she can be seen on the stage performing.Brigitte’s upbeat, bubbly personality and wonderful sense of humor, makes her a perfect addition to our team!

Alan Hafter


650-349- 6411 ext. 301

Alan Hafter has been at Hillbarn since 2001 when he started working in the box office. A year later, he became the box office Manager. He has performed in many shows throughout the Bay Area since 1985. He had a private dental practice in San Bruno for 30 years and is happy to be at Hillbarn Theatre where he always does his best to satisfy our patrons’ requests.

Eve Cheney


 650-349- 6411 ext. 302

Eve Cheney is a native Californian and has lived in Foster City for over 40 years. Eve’s love for the theater led her to volunteer as an usher at Hillbarn Theatre. She joined the Hillbarn family as a Box Office Associate several years ago and loves being part of the Hillbarn Family.

Nicholas J. Garland


 650-349- 6411 ext. 302

Nicholas J. Garland, a senior at d.tech High School, first joined Hillbarn Theatre in 2010 as a cast member in Aladdin Jr. (Conservatory) and is just as passionate to be involved today. As a young teenager, Nicholas spent most of his free time as an intern where he assisted the EAD, Production Manager, and Managing Director on various projects. Nicholas was recently promoted to Box Office Associate is extremely excited to be part of this group of theatre lovers.

Kevin Low


Kevin Low is delighted to be the new Facilities Manager for Hillbarn Theatre, where he combines his thirty years of business and customer care skills with over twenty years of dance and theatre experience.  His expertise as  House Manager for Broadway By The Bay and Hillbarn Theatre, as well as his administrative positions at both Dance Arts Center and the automotive industry, have prepared Kevin for this new role.  Kevin has always supported the arts; volunteering for local schools including SMHS, Bowdich, and Borel, and a variety of local theatre groups.  As a SF Bay Area native, Kevin is honored to be a part of this historical local theatre.

Mary Lou Dragonryder


Tracy Martin and Mark Kitaoka


Charles Zukow Associates


August Laguio



Paul Regan


Paul Regan has lived in Hillsborough with his wife Barbara for 33 years.  He served on its School Board for 10 years and two terms as its President.  He also served on its City Council for 12 years, including a term as Mayor.  Paul was on Hillsborough’s recreation commission for almost 20 years.  He currently serves on the Board of the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkley – Santa Clara University, as well as the Board and Executive Committee of Catholic Charities of San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo counties.  He is a past chair of the California Society of CPAs and is the Chair of Hemming Morse, LLP CPAs, Forensic and Financial Consultants.  He has undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting and is certified in financial forensics and is a certified fraud examiner.

Rosemary Rodd

Vice President

Rosemary Rodd is a 27 year resident of Hayward who currently owns and operates Spitzer Helicopter Leasing, which leases its fleet of helicopters to flight schools all over the country.  Prior to that, she was President of Leo’s Pro Audio, Inc. for 26 years.  Leo’s sold, serviced, and installed live sound and professional recording equipment, and included the Spitzer Music chain.  Before joining Leo’s, she was in sales and sales management with Xerox Corporation. In addition to her interest in theatre, she volunteers as a dog walker at the East County Animal Shelter and supports a physics lecture series at Cal State E. Bay.  Rosemary has a B.S. Psy from the University of Houston.

Jeff Schneider



Jan Pickering


Janice Pickering is a native San Franciscan and 49 year resident of San Mateo County.  Ms. Pickering is co-founder, past board president and governor emeritus of Odyssey School, an independent middle school for gifted and talented students.  Founded in 1997, Odyssey School is located in San Mateo.   Since leaving a corporate management position with Pepsico Inc. to raise her family, Ms. Pickering has devoted her time and effort to advocacy for progressive education in both public and independent school education.  She has a strong background in board leadership and fundraising.   Married for 42 years to husband and local periodontist, Steve, they are the parents of three adult daughters and three grandchildren.  A certified clinical research coordinator, she is currently employed by Peninsula Periodontal Associates as a professional relations manager.  Ms. Pickering holds a BA degree in English from UC Davis.

Liz Buljan


For over 35 years the Buljan Real Estate group has been a true lead in the Real Estate mark! Liz handles the much of the administrative duties of the office and works to keep everything in good working order. The Buljan group believes that selling Real Estate is an art form that demands extraordinary commitment to the clients they serve and a belief in exceeding their client’s expectations with knowledge and desire to be the best at what they do! Whether you are looking to buy a home or sell your home, the Buljan Group is all comforts of Luxury Real Estate with the personal touch and attention that you can only get from a family run business.

Daniel Brown


Daniel Brown is an attorney with the Burlingame law firm of Carr McClellan P.C. He has
law in San Mateo County for 30 years. Dan is a certified specialist with the California
State Bar Board of Legal Specialization. He is the past chair of the Estate Planning Law
Advisory Commission under the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization. He is
currently a member of the Executive Committee of the Taxation Section of the California State
Bar. Dan is a member of the San Mateo County Probate Court, List of Court Appointed Counsel.
Dan has previously been a board member of Morrissey-Compton Learning Center in Redwood
City. He is currently a member of the Board of Trustees for the Mills Peninsula Hospital
Foundation.Dan earned a Bachelors of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Accounting
from California State University at Fullerton. Dan has two law degrees. He earned his Juris
Doctorate from Santa Clara University School of Law and Masters of Law in Taxation from
Boston University School of Law.Dan has lived in San Mateo for 30 years with his wife and family. He is a past President of the
San Mateo Sunrise Rotary Club.

Lynn Carteris


Lynn Carteris is a San Francisco Bay Area native. She has been a Bay Area realtor for almost 10 years, and loves her job! As a Bay Area real estate expert in the areas of San Carlos, Redwood Shores, Redwood City, Belmont and San Mateo, Lynn brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise about buying and selling homes here. She takes pride in everything she does and makes herself readily available to her clientele. Married to husband, Jim, they have two daughters, Rebecca and Sydney, who are both theater geeks. Lynn enjoys spending time with her family, friends, attending theater, exercising and being on the Hillbarn Board.

Craig Courtin


Craig Courtin has been a Foster City resident for 22 years. He worked for the Foster City Police Department for 28 years, serving the last eight as the city’s Police Chief before retiring in 2012. During his tenure as Chief, he served for four years on the board of the San Mateo County Police Chiefs and Sheriff Association, serving as President of that organization in 2008. He also was in charge of the San Mateo County Gang Task Force and served on the board of the San Mateo County Narcotics Task Force.

Craig has been an active member of the Rotary Club of Foster City since 2000. He served on the Rotary Board for eight years, including as club president in 2013/14. He is currently the club’s student scholarship coordinator. In the past he also served on the Board of the San Mateo/Foster City Education Foundation, raising funds for all twenty schools in the district.

Craig has been married to his wife for more than 30 years and has two sons, both of whom were deeply involved in the Bowditch Middle School and San Mateo High School drama programs. Between them, they appeared in twenty-eight school productions over the years as well as in Hillbarn and Broadway by the Bay shows. It’s through their involvement in their sons’ productions, as drama boosters and set builders, that Craig and his wife developed their deep interest in local theater. It’s with pleasure that Craig serves as a Hillbarn Board member and he is honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the institution that Hillbarn Theater represents for the community of Foster City and the entire Bay Area

Saili Gosula


Saili Gosula lives in Redwood Shores and owns and operates two businesses in San Mateo: Synergy HomeCare and Active In-Home Therapy. Both of her businesses focus on serving the needs of seniors. Saili grew up in Brazil and has been in the Bay Area since 1996. Saili has a Bachelor’s in Math and Computer Science and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. In her last corporate job, she was the Director of Inventory Systems for Gap, Inc. Always an avid volunteer in the schools and local non-profits, focusing on people and the community became more important to her, and she made a career switch.  She is passionate about her career in senior care, where she gets to help others, be involved in the community, and create jobs.  She is very active in both the senior industry and in the local small business community. Saili currently serves as the Membership Chair of the Board of Directors of the San Mateo Chamber of Commerce and as one of the leaders of the Senior Round Table of San Mateo County. Saili first became involved with Hillbarn Theatre when her children participated in the Hillbarn Conservatory. Saili fell in love with Hillbarn then and has even been seen on stage at Hillbarn. Saili was also the President of the Board of Piped Piper Players, as well as their webmaster for 7 years, and on stage many times with PPP. Saili is still the parent volunteer for the Aragon High School electronic newsletter, and a very involved mother to her two children (who are not so little anymore). Saili calls herself a “theater geek” and can be found enjoying many productions up and down the Peninsula.

Paul J. Hockett


Paul J. Hockett, is the CEO of VITAE Architecture (AIA), has over 40 years of experience in a variety of work, with an emphasis on office buildings, flex-tech facilities, speculative light industrial buildings, and tenant improvements. He has extensive experience in the site planning and design of multiple building office complexes, industrial, rehabilitation projects, build-to-suit offices, R & D buildings and places of worship.

Linda Koelling


Linda Koelling is a 39 year resident of Foster City. She served on the Foster City Council from 2003-2011 and served as Mayor in 2006 and again in 2011. She was born and raised in San Francisco, has been married for 40 years, and has three children and four grandchildren.  Linda received Bachelor of Science Degree in Parks and Recreation Management from California State University, Hayward in 1971. She was a Recreation Supervisor for the City of Burlingame and a member of the California Parks and Recreation Society. Linda completed a leadership studies program and graduated in 2003 from the San Mateo-Foster City Chamber of Commerce Leadership.  An advocate for high-quality education, she was the founder of the original Kids Connection private preschool and elementary school in Foster City. Her involvement in the community spans over a variety of interests including her devotion to the various sports organizations as well as PTA. Linda was President of Pony/Colt Baseball for 2 years and created and coordinated a girl’s softball league. She was a member and chair of the Foster City Parks and Recreation Committee for several years and instrumental in developing a number of parks in the City. While on the City Council she represented Foster City on key San Mateo County Boards and Committees and also served as President of the Peninsula Division of the League of California Cities. She was the League’s Division Campaign Chair to pass State Proposition 22 and recently co-authored a City initiative to increase the TOT tax that overwhelmingly passed by the voters. Linda is a board member of the San Mateo/Foster City Leadership Studies, Foster City’s Hillbarn Theatre and the Foster City Chamber of commerce. She is also a member of the board of the San Mateo County chapter of California Women Lead. She now wants to play a more active role in management consulting and provide leadership that will serve in the best interest of her community.

Brooke Knight


Brooke Knight began directing at Peninsula Civic Light Opera (now Broadway By The Bay) in 1989.  After directing several productions, she was selected to be the Artistic Director in 1993.  For 10 years she had two full-time jobs as the Head of Guidance at Aragon High School and the Artistic Director of Broadway By The Bay.  In 2000, Hillbarn Theatre honored her as the recipient of the Bravo! Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Performing Arts.  The Peninsula Arts Council also recognized her with the “Diamond Award” for Individual Artist in 2009. Brooke brings a wealth of knowledge to Hillbarn Theatre with her 20 years of service to the Theatre community at Broadway By the Bay.

Sara Steppe


Lisa WolfKlain


Lisa WolfKlain moved to Foster City in 1987 with her husband and their four children. Professionally she has been an international consultant with AchieveGlobal working with executive teams to improve performance and interpersonal skills. She was Vice president of Human Resources and Wellness for American Western Life insurance Company running an alternative medicine health plan as well as being a member of senior management facilitating meetings and strategic planning. Lisa served as board chair of Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse and was on the boards of Family Support in the Workplace, The Northern Peninsula Chapter of the ACLU and The Institute of Naturopathic Medicine. In 1993 she was inducted into San Mateo County Women’s Hall of Fame. She received a BA in Social Welfare from UC Berkeley. She currently spends her time with her family and is an avid fiber artist. She also runs TheBen Fund, a non-profit she and her husband set up as a legacy to their son, Ben, who passed away in 2011.


Hillbarn Theatre encourages creative professionals, and those wishing to develop their skills and talents, to join us in mounting a season or on the production staff for each show. From time to time, there may also be on-going staff positions available.

Hillbarn Theatre is now contracting for our 2017-2018 season. These positions are short-term positions with a stipend. We are seeking the following show staff:

We have an immediate need for the following:

Following is the schedule and team information.


Director: Virginia Musante
Choreographer: Gennine Harrington
Music Director: Matt Mattei
Stipend: $1500- $1700

1st Day of rehearsal: Monday Monday 10/9
Rehearsal: Monday to Thursday 7-10pm and Saturday OR Sunday
Tech: Saturday 11/25 & Sunday 11/26, 2017 10am-10pm (1st Dress)
Dress Rehearsal:  Tuesday 11/28, 2017
Invited Dress: Wednesday 11/29, 2017
Preview: Thursday 11/30, 2017
Opening: Friday 12/1, 2017
Performance: ThursdaySaturday 8pm, Saturday & Sunday 2pm (5 shows per week)
Possible Extension/ Adding Show: Wednesday 12/6, 12/13 at 8pm, Sunday 12/3, 12/10,12/17 at 8pm
Closing: Sunday 12/17, 2017

If interested please send resume to jobs@hillbarntheatre.org or use the online form below:

Hillbarn Theatre is an Equal Opportunity Employer which does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation or any other basis protected by Federal, State or Local Law. This policy applies to hiring, compensation, promotion, benefits, discipline, training, layoffs, termination and all other conditions of employment.

To apply for an administrative position, please send your resume and references to jobs@hillbarntheatre.org, mentioning your desired position(s) in the subject line of your email.  To apply for a production position, please send your resume and portfolio/web address (if applicable) to jobs@hillbarntheatre.org, mentioning your desired position(s) in the subject line of your email.

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